Personality Types:


Also known as DOER

Resourceful. Love activity. Good observers. Good negotiators and manipulators.


Also known as PERFORMER

Charming and open to others. Generous and optimistic. Like company and excitement. Conventional.


Also known as STABILIZER

Responsible and orderly. Loyal and steadfast. May be impatient with others or impetuous. Like to be involved in community activities.


Also known as SOCIALIZER

Sociable and outgoing. Responsible, attentive and traditional. Loyal and hardworking. Dislike obstructions.


Also known as CLARIFIER

Gifted observers and enterprisers. Charming and likable. Not interested in routine living patterns.


Also known as INNOVATOR

Inspiring and enthusiastic, Analytical. Like novelty and uncertainty. Pragmatic and goaloriented. Love challenges.


Also known as ENERGIZER

Sociable, active, popular but put time enough into their work to perform well. Natural leaders. Effective in interpersonal relationships and skills. Tolerant trusted and forgiving.


Also known as TRAILBLAZER

Outgoing and outspoken. Like to organize people and projects. Desire to give structure. Natural leaders. Strive for efficiency and effectiveness.


Also known as SYSTEMATIZER

Detailoriented and stable. Patient and sensible. Dislike novelty and frivolity.


Also known as PRESERVER

Dedicated and service-oriented. Dependable and orderly. Relate well to individual needs. Traditional and procedural.


Also known as STRATEGIZER

Action-oriented, precise and tireless. Can be impulsive. Challenged by complex equipment. Somewhat solitary.


Also known as EXPERIENCER

Solitary. Seek simplicity and freedom. Digest experience deeply.


Also known as HARMONIZER

Gifted and effective communicators. Imaginative and intuitive. Good interpersonal skills. Excel at problem solving.


Also known as DESIGNER

Builders and designers of both systems and products. Logical, evaluative with positive outlook. Theoretical and somewhat impersonal.


Also known as IDEALIZER

Idealistic and committed. Adaptable. Respond well to the needs of others. Dislike detail.


Also known as THEORIZER

Logical and precise. Persevering and thorough, somewhat impersonal. Not impressed with authority. Theoretical.

(Based on the based on PERSONAL STYLE INVENTORY by R. Craig Hogan and David W. Champagne.)


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